Be a Customer
For those of you who are not already bpi's customers, we would like to provide you with some information on how to qualify to be a customer of bpi. Additionally we would like to provide information concerning our commitment to you. If you are not certain whether you qualify to become a customer of bpi, please take a moment to review our qualifications. Become another satisfied customer, contact us today!

Why team up with us?

At bpi, we take pride in the relationships we have with our customers. Our customers are the reason we have grown over the years. Without our existing customers and new customers we gain, we could not be successful. For that, we thank you for your continued support and your business.

We strive to cater to our customer's needs and expectations today and anticipate the requirements of tomorrow. Quality control and assurance are vital to our distribution process, therefore it is planned into every function performed and product distributed by bpi.

We know that our immediate and long term success is dependant on supplying quality products to our customers in a timely manner. We work with our customers to fully understand their requirements.

Our vision is to build a relationship with our customers and suppliers to provide the highest quality product.

Floor Covering dealers must be a retail place of business open to the public during regular business hours, with a showroom carrying our displays and samples.

Other Trades such as cabinet shops, ceramic contractors, unfinished wood installers, etc. can qualify under various guidelines. But, the pertaining Account Manager and his/her Branch Manager must approve dealers.

BPI's Account Manager determines who we sell to.

BPI's Credit Department determines how we sell to.

Our objective is to continuously improve the quality of our financial services of both internal and external customers within the confines of Good Credit Management. Our mission is to be a supplier of more than just quality products. Quality is planned into every function performed by this department.

Each customer requesting an Open Line of Creditt must fill out our Credit Application completely and have an owner/officer of the company sign where indicated, giving BPI their personal guarantee and agreeing to all terms required in the application. If a substantial line of credit is requested we are subject to requiring a Current Financial Statement (Profit and Loss Statement, as well as a Balance Sheet).